PlaneTalks delivers unique, compelling keynote speeches and workshops to help teams improve operational performance, leadership skills, problem solving abilities and performance under pressure. 

Utilising the key skill sets required by fighter pilots and those in command of the most advanced commercial aircraft, we can help you and your team deliver consistent world class performance.

Aviation Themed Talks

PlaneTalks will work closely with you to create a memorable conference experience tailored to your individual needs. Keynotes range from those for the pure aviation enthusiast through to those aimed at organisations seeking to use insight from the aviation industry to sharpen their own business performance.
We are experienced at presenting to events of all sizes as well as facilitating more discursive sessions for smaller groups in a workshop style setting.

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PlaneTalks offers development programmes for your business or team; helping you to build high performance cultures that work effectively within high pressure or safety critical environments.

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PlaneTalks was founded by Ian Hollingworth and he is the principal speaker. Ian is a highly experienced presenter, having appeared on TV and film for BBC, Channel 4, National Geographic and Smithsonian.

Ian is a former RAF Cold War fighter pilot and has operated aircraft types ranging from the Lightning to the Jumbo Jet. He draws on experiences of working with Boeing, British Airways, Emirates, and high growth emerging airlines in the Middle East and Asia.

Ian is a Fellow of The Royal Aeronautical Society


'Ian Hollingworth is the kind of guy that could make a walk to the local shops seem compelling. If you are looking for a true motivational speaker or somebody that can engage your teams in a unique way, then I’d really recommend PlaneTalks.’
Ivan Baldwin, VP: Government | International; National Nuclear Laboratory. Feb 2020
‘I have had the pleasure of working with Ian for over five years. During his time, he has inspired many students to follow their dream. Our offering is backed at high level by industry and by the military, and operates in both UK and overseas markets; clients range from aspiring students to military commanders, senior political figures and industry CEOs.  Ian is always ahead of his brief and can command any audience with ease. He comes highly recommended.’
Graham Stark, Schools Aerospace Challenge, Aug ‘19
‘Ian and his team apply their knowledge from real life experiences in aviation and make it real within other industries. They are extremely flexible, get involved and rapidly make an impact. Ian delivers high quality material and engages comfortably with individuals at all levels.
Thank you for a most valuable contribution to our programme’.
Laura Dunn; Nuclear professionalism Lead: EDF Nuclear.
'I couldn’t think of a better person to bring the lessons learnt from aviation into the business arena. Ian would be my first choice every time.'
Martyn Townsend-Smith, Head of Training: Boeing EMEA. Feb 2020
‘Ian, I would like to formally record our gratitude to you for delivering a high quality product; it has made a considerable difference to our operation and is very much appreciated.’
Martin Mahoney; Senior Vice President, Training: Emirates Airline.
‘Ian, many thanks for delivering excellent material in an engaging and thoroughly enjoyable manner. Your extensive knowledge and experience was readily apparent; feedback is extremely positive and it was great working with you. I look forward to your return!‘
Richie Hinchcliffe, Osprey Consulting;Oct ’19
‘Ian, thank you most sincerely for an absolutely splendid and informative lecture last evening.
We all envy your time as a pilot of these wonderful aeroplanes!’
John Pedley; Royal Aeronautical Society, Constantinos Soutis; Professor and Head of Aerospace Research, University of Manchester; Dec’19 
'Plane Talks. Many thanks to you all for your hard work, deep insight and feedback into Eticom. You have created clarity of vision and purpose for which we are massively grateful.'
Lee Roche, Chairman. Eticom Ltd. Feb ‘20

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